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Manufacturing Brazil

Our manufacturing plant in Brazil is located near Belo Horizonte in Betim, Minas Gerais.

The site covers 35 acres and features 409,000 square feet of production space plus 29,100 square feet of engineering and administrative offices. Pre-assembly and quality assurance of prototypes is performed in a dedicated yard measuring 42,000 square feet. The Belo Horizonte plant is capable of producing 65,000 tons of lattice transmission towers. It was specifically designed employing a U-shaped production process flow in order to maximize efficiency and shorten total cycle time.

The plant utilizes 14 CNC angle punch lines, six CNC plate machines, aluminum casting equipment, radial drilling, mechanical presses, oxy cutters and semi-automatic hot-dip galvanizing systems including dulling/deglaring tanks. The facility pioneered the application of a unique galvanizing process that utilizes a continuous conveyor to advance the material through a long narrow kettle that measures 3.3 feet (w) x 6.6 feet (d) x 42.7 feet’ (l).

Our transmission line hardware is developed and produced at the Belo Horizonte facility. Adjacent to this plant, we operate our full-scale tower testing station, the largest in the Americas.

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