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Our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities—located in Monterrey, Mexico and Belo Horizonte, Brazil—serve the Americas with 100,000 tons of annual production capacity.

We are the industry’s most complete in-house resource for transmission structures and related services. Our in-house design, detailing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and supply capabilities give us unmatched ability to provide your Optimized Transmission Structure Solution.

Our integrated design and manufacturing technology streamlines the work flow from CAD/CAM shop drawings to CNC-driven fabrication, resulting in accelerated cycle time, higher quality levels and increased production rates to meet today’s fast growing demand. Before any transmission structure components go into production, a complete prototype is made and assembled to carefully check for proper fit. As the largest purchaser of steel angles for lattice towers in the Americas, we have established key global relationships with the top raw material suppliers, including US steel mills, improving supply chain integrity and on-time delivery.

High levels of output and reliability result from our quality-driven processes at our transmission structure manufacturing plants located in Monterrey, Mexico and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. These facilities encompass approximately 475,000 square feet and are capable of producing in excess of 100,000 tons annually. Both plants conform to AISC fabricating procedures and have achieved several coveted quality, safety and environmental certifications.

Now that we are part of KEC International, we have access to an additional 150,000 tons of production capacity from plants located at Nagpur, Jabalpur and Jaipur in India. With more than 250,000 tons of combined production capacity, we are one of the largest tower manufacturing companies in the world. Our plants in India manufacture transmission towers, telecom towers and substation structures. They are certified to deliver world-class quality: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Additional sales, engineering design and customer service operations are located at corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

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