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SAE Towers is a leader in Towers and Hardware Solutions for Power Transmission, with high quality products, serving different sectors with customized and safe solutions.

Product Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

The damping system in transmission lines is an essential technique to ensure the safe and efficient operation of electric power transmission lines. Excessive vibration can cause damage to transmission line components and even interruptions in electrical power supply, making the damping system crucial to the reliability and integrity of the transmission system.
Damping is a physical phenomenon that occurs in mechanical systems when mechanical energy is dissipated in the form of heat, noise, viscous friction, hysteresis or dry friction. In civil construction applications, damping is used to ensure structural integrity in earthquake and other types of shock. Damping characterization is important to monitor cracks and microcracks in materials and determine their service life.
At SAE Towers, each component and each transmission system produced is subjected to rigorous tests, aiming at quality and reliability. With its experience and excellence in engineering, SAE Towers ensures high quality standards and advanced manufacturing techniques to confirm that its products meet the requirements of its customers and regulatory bodies in the electricity sector.

Cushioning system


SAE Towers is one of the world's largest producers of steel lattice towers for transmission lines.

It operates in the development of projects, in their detailing, in the production of prototypes and in the carrying out of tests, in the manufacture of towers and hardware and in EPC projects, with the best solutions in transmission structures.

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

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Torres de telecomunicações

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