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SAE Towers is a leader in Towers and Hardware Solutions for Power Transmission, with high quality products, serving different sectors with customized and safe solutions.

Product Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

With more than 100,000 tons of installed capacity in the Americas, SAE Towers produces lattice steel structures for guyed and self-supporting towers for single, double and multiple circuits, covering voltages from 69kV to 800kV. Based on more than 50 years of technical expertise, we are able to design and supply towers for all types of terrain, environments and operating conditions. Our brand is present in the largest transmission systems in Brazil, such as the Itaipu System at 765kV and +600kV, the Madeira Transmission System at +600kV, and the Belo Monte Transmission System at +800kV, among others. We were the pioneers in the design and supply of guyed towers in Brazil and of cross-rope type towers for both 1,200MW and 1,680MW SIL, with expanded conductor bundle, in addition to being a reference in the Americas for crossing towers.

If you're looking for innovation, service quality and reliability, our engineers have the tools, training and real experience to create projects with high return and cost optimization, considering the full scope and complexity that your project demands.

Power transmission towers


SAE Towers is one of the world's largest producers of steel lattice towers for transmission lines.

It operates in the development of projects, in their detailing, in the production of prototypes and in the carrying out of tests, in the manufacture of towers and hardware and in EPC projects, with the best solutions in transmission structures.

Product Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

Service Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

Solutions for Renewables (Solar PV)

Solutions for the Railway and Metro Sectors

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