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The RPG group's slogan is "Hello Happiness", which represents the search for happiness and mutual success of the collaborators.


Hello Happiness is the RPG group's brand slogan. Since its launch, Hello Happiness has become part of the habits and customs of all companies in the group. The principles of our Vision define the path we must follow together: overcome our limitations, contribute positively to the quality of life and success of each other. We are an organization where dreams have no limits, and happiness is within everyone's reach.

Joy was then defined as the culmination of our Vision principles. Hello Happiness, our slogan, is above all a bold and courageous statement of confidence and purpose. Hello Happiness is a revelation that helps us open our doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities; a manifestation that signifies our intention to sensitize and enrich the lives of others. It's having the strength to overcome everything with a smile of happiness.

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