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SAE Towers Senior Management is responsible for ensuring the planning, development and execution of its engineering activities, industrial production (towers and electrotechnical hardware) and EPC construction.

To this end, SAE Towers establishes the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy, aimed at the excellence of its products and services, in order to add value to its shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, communities in which it develops its activities and other interested parties. It is committed to marketing and delivering products and services in compliance with deadlines, stipulated and agreed requirements, preserving and protecting the health, safety of its employees and the environment.

In its daily activities, it maintains management aimed at:

- Promoting the continuous improvement of systems through periodic critical analyzes and changing management, planned based on the assessment of risks and opportunities, aiming at increasing performance, the effectiveness of its processes and increasing the satisfaction of interested parties.


- Preventing and minimizing adverse socio-environmental impacts, as well as risks that may cause injuries and/or occupational illnesses, always focusing on protecting the environment, health and safety of employees.


- Meeting legal requirements and other requirements applicable to the organization.


- Ensuring that Environment, Health and Safety are integrated in the management of activities, constituting fundamental values ​​for the organization, not being negotiable.


- Promoting the participation and consultation of workers and their representatives, maintaining effective communication channels with interested parties.


- Developing skills through training and awareness for operation and control of processes.


- Driving the sharing of knowledge through the dissemination of lessons learned and fostering a culture of innovation among all employees.


- Developing an organizational culture focused on the conscious and responsible behavior of each employee in relation to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety management systems.

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SAE Towers is committed to excellence in products and services, with an Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy, meeting the highest standards and contributing to sustainable development.


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