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SAE Towers is a leader in Towers and Hardware Solutions for Power Transmission, with high quality products, serving different sectors with customized and safe solutions.

Product Solutions for Transmission and Distribution

Grounding connectors in hardware chains for transmission lines are essential components to certify the safety of the electrical system. They are designed to connect transmission line hardware and allow electrical current to flow to the ground, protecting against lightning strikes and surges. Furthermore, they are crucial for workers to be safe when carrying out maintenance on the transmission line.

There are several types of grounding connectors available, including the wedge/CDC connector, which is made up of permanently joining the wedge connector to the tinned copper stirrup. It exhibits large current capacity and excellent mechanical characteristics, ensuring a perfect connection point for other live-line connectors or clamps, allowing single or bimetallic leads.

Another common type is the compression grounding connector, a metallic copper alloy accessory that performs the same conductivity function as the exothermic solder. Both types must be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions found on transmission lines, including high winds, rain and temperature extremes.

At SAE Towers, every component and system produced undergoes rigorous testing to ensure product quality and reliability. Experience and engineering excellence ensure high quality standards and advanced manufacturing techniques, making earthing connectors in transmission line hardware chains a safe and reliable choice in any application.

Grounding connectors


SAE Towers is one of the world's largest producers of steel lattice towers for transmission lines.

It operates in the development of projects, in their detailing, in the production of prototypes and in the carrying out of tests, in the manufacture of towers and hardware and in EPC projects, with the best solutions in transmission structures.

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

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