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Solar energy is one of the most sustainable and efficient ways to generate electricity. In order for this energy to be captured and used efficiently, it is essential to have a resistant and durable metal structure. In this sense, SAE Towers excels in providing these structures with quality and respect for the environment.

Solutions for Renewables (Solar PV)

Mechanical tests are specific tests for materials used in transmission lines, with the purpose of indicating characteristics regarding their resistance to the different types of conditions that may occur in their work cycle. With this information in hand, it is possible to make an assertive choice of the material that best adapts to the conditions of a given application.

In transmission systems, mainly, several materials used are subjected to mechanical efforts of traction, torsion, compression or shearing, combined or not. It is very important to predict the behavior of these materials, using mechanical tests.

Such mechanical tests carried out by SAE Towers simulate the application of different types of external forces. And the correct interpretation of these results makes it possible to collect material properties, such as elasticity, yield strength, elastic and plastic deformation, hardness, fracture toughness, among others. And the main thing: it prevents failures, controls quality and can reduce costs, that is, everything that most pleases our customers.

Mechanical testing of hardware and accessories


SAE Towers is one of the world's largest producers of steel lattice towers for transmission lines.

It operates in the development of projects, in their detailing, in the production of prototypes and in the carrying out of tests, in the manufacture of towers and hardware and in EPC projects, with the best solutions in transmission structures.

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

Soluções de Produtos para Transmissão e Distribuição

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Pórticos e suportes para equipamentos

Torres de telecomunicações

Conjuntos de para-raios e PGW

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